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A more affordable and scalable way to design, develop & manage apps.

People having fun with their devicesPeople having fun
People having fun with their devices

Mobile apps & web that scales

Supercharged app development

If you think about it, most of the apps you use share the same features. They look and behave different but their main parts are the same.

AppCloud provides a rich toolbox with ready-made features and all you need to build and manage your app, from start-up to grown-up.

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Highly automated & driven by AI

Monitor, understand & manage


Our admin console integrates all the tools you need to manage, monitor and improve your app.

We strive to digitalize the customer experience and provide you with tools and insights that allows you to boost your productivity as a product manager.

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Affordable & transparent

A subscription, not an investment.

Our main offering is applications as a service. We design, develop and manage applications at a fixed monthly price.

No initial investments, hidden costs or surprises.

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