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Gone are the days when app development was a one-time endeavor. In today’s ever-changing digital environment, your application requires constant evolution and adaptation. Enter AppCloud’s App as a Service (AaaS) model – a paradigm shift offering not just a product, but a continuous partnership.

This model guarantees that your application remains at the forefront of innovation, benefiting from ongoing updates, management, and enhancements without the burden of significant initial expenses. It’s about more than just creating an app; it’s about ensuring its prolonged success and relevancy.

AppCloud pricing is maid up of two components; an initial implementation fee and a platform fee. Both are billed monthly or yearly at your choice. The size of the implementation is based on your projects complexity and is down paid over the first 12 months. The platform fee is determined based on your needs and service level. A custom implementation project and platform subscription can be made if you have special needs.

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Not all projects are equal and some needs more customization. You can hire our experts to help you get started or to help you implement more complex features not currently supported by the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AppCloud cross plattform?

The short answer is yes. A longer one could explain that the frontend is either built on Flutter or React. You choose.

Which cloud infastructure do you use?

AppCloud is based on AWS and the features available there. Hosted in Frankfurt with all GDPR you would need.

Can I use other design tools than Figma?

Sure. You can use whatever tool you like. But if you want to utilize the integrated components, Figma is needed.

How can I get access to the platform?

You can contact us. We are not currently accepting external developers to access and build on the platform. We might do it in the future though.

What if I want to continue the development with an in-house team later?

We understand that your needs might change as you grow. We can help you set up your service on another infrastructure and get you started. Extra fees will apply.

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