Apps done right.

1. Invent

AI based pre-projects generates your app concept and requirements.

2. Design

Design your app in Figma using our templates with ready made components and layouts.

3. Develop

We develop on our shared infrastructure and use existing features to speed up development time.

Release icon
4. Release

Release and approval processes are automated, fully integrated and streamlined.

5. Manage

Manage your apps with ease. Monitor performance and key metrics to make decisions.

6. Improve

Monitor customer feedback and improve your app with the push of a button.

Built on years of best practice.

AppCloud is the essence of 20 years of trials and errors in the consulting business. A set of best practice from all fields needed to build great applications. Resulting in a better delivery model for your mobile apps. Modern, integrated and highly automated.  

UX & design

Mobile apps



Cloud infrastructure

Illustration showing the Figma integration

Integrated design workflow.

Design your app using our starter templates and components in Figma. AppCloud integrates Figma with the frontend library and any visual changes you apply will be updated in the next version of your app.

Rapid development.

Cross plattform technologies and a vast toolbox of features, components and integrations, together with a culture of always building on previous work and never start from scratch. Rapid development is one benefit, throughoutly tested features is another. Any improvements made in other projects will benefit you - and vice versa.

Illustration showing the release process

Release with ease.

If it can be automated, it should be automated. Approve, release and deploy with the push of a couple of buttons in our customer console.

No need to build from scratch

A rich toolbox

Cross platform

Reach users on the web and on Android- and iOS devices.

Templates & patterns

Prebuilt UI library for most needs. Tested and verified and builds on years of empirical knowledge.


User management and authentication is built in. Social authentication included.

Data management

We manage your data in our secure and tested cloud infrastructure.

Figma design system

The design process is fully integrated with the system. Make adjustments in Figma and update instantly.


Send and manage push messaging to enable communication with your users.

Real time localization

Need to change a text in your app? Update, publish and change it in real time.


Integrate your data or service with our rich and standardized APIs.

Automated publishing

When you approve an app, it is automatically published to the stores.

Chat GPT

Modern AI services are built in on the platform and enables you to enhance your services.

Business intelligence

Monitor performance, user adoption and how your users are behaving.


Different payment solutions are available out of the box.

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